Found this on, an image for the upcoming season of New Girl. The colors and that Dior dress-super inspiring!

Bridal Gown Sketch

My most recent bridal gown sketch. Done with watercolor and prisma markers.

Catskill Mountains

Heading to the Catskill’s for the weekend. Enjoying mother nature and her beauty. No internet or cell phone service so see you Tuesday. I’ll try to queue some posts for you <3

Fab Friday

Isn’t it gorgeous? I’ve been debating about this camera for what feels like an eternity. I’ve finally given in and purchased it. You could say it was my reward/celebration present to myself for the Modcloth design. I cannot wait to give it a go, especially with fall around the corner. The best season with the best colors! The Diana F+ is known for producing dreamy vintage like photos. Right up my vintage loving and day dreaming alley. Do any of you have a Diana F+? If yes, any tips?!

Thrifty Thursday: Chalkboard Paint Craft

This week for Thrifty Thursday I am going to share a thrifty little craft. Darren and I purchased these canisters from a thrift store awhile ago with the intention of customizing them. I love vintage canisters, but hate the final commitment to what has to go inside. Like coffee, we don’t drink it so why should I have a canister with the word on it? Well now I don’t have to commit. I hope you enjoy!

Supplies Needed: Canisters, painters tape, frosted glass spray, chalkboard paint, tape measure, and a brush/way to paint the chalkboard paint on.

Step 1: Measure the canister to determine where and how much chalkboard paint you would like. I divided the total height in half and added an inch, that’s just my wacky brain. 

Step 2: Tape off the area so you can have clean lines and defined sections.

Step 3: Spray the area that is getting the chalkboard paint with the frosted glass spray. This will allow a proper surface for the chalkboard paint to adhere to. Allow the frosted glass to dry (mine said 20 minutes). I added a second coat just to be sure.

Step 4: Once the frosted glass is dry start painting on the chalkboard paint. I did 3 layers because I wanted it to be solid. Now let it dry.

Un-tape the sections and voile! I used a chalkboard marker to write on them so we wouldn’t have chalk dust in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed this thrifty craft, let me know if you give it a try!