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cape/head scarf: thrifted, jeans: levis, boots: dsw

Say hello to the other cape that I thrifted a couple months ago. I love the sunshiney color and groovy vibe it gives off. My only complaint is it looks like I am a t-rex…those tiny arms sticking out! What can you do, right?

I am currently in Chicago for a day or two with some of my family. I don’t think I am going to sneak any thrifting or vintage shopping in, but shopping in general= a crap ton (yes a crap ton- a well known form of measurement).

Off to shop-have a great day!!


Dress: F21, Tights: Target, Boots: Steve Madden, Headband: Modcloth Free Gift, Pins: Thrifted

I figured on this Election Day I would dress a little festive. I felt like running around screaming “AMERICA!” in everyone’s face, no worries, I kept it in.

I received this Modcloth wire headband with my last order a few months ago (how sweet are they!!). I haven’t gotten around to wearing it till today, but I think I waited for the perfect debut. This dress is more like tunic length so I wore these fleece lined leggings underneath. I am in LOVE with them-so warm!

Working on some new things on the world wide web. Cannot wait to share it with you all!

Timeless by littlemissthrifty featuring pendant jewelry


Rosette dress

My dress preview is up on Modcloth!!!!!! It says my name…I might have cried a little :)

See it HERE

Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

San Fancisco. On my bucket list to get there…

Dress: H&M Sale $12, Shoes: XOXO, Macys, Necklace: Trumpington Bridal House, Ring: Thrifted, Hair Wreath: Made by me

It’s been like 80 degrees outside…perfect for an airy dress, right?

So the flower head wreath thingy on top of my crazy air dried hair…undecided on it. So much so that I want to make a fall colored one to really make up my mind. I have a ton of fall flowers from our wedding so I figured why not put them to good use?! What do you think? Would you wear one?